Terms and Conditions

  • All listed prices are hourly-based or flat for local moves and weight-based or flat price for long-distance moves. Additional charges like travel time, fuel surcharges, packing material, heavy equipment, staircase, and long walk will apply based on customer service requests. Please talk to the sales agent about prices and how they apply before confirming booking. You have the right to request any price offers or discounts or waive-offs by written email.
  • If Movers are working more than 8 hours, overtime prices will be applied. If the job exceeds than booked hours additional hours prices may vary. The Unique Movers have the privilege to deny service after booked hours under unavoidable circumstances due to overlapping with other customer bookings which can cause delays in attending to other customer moves or completely missing.
  • All cancellation requests must be placed 15 days before the move date to receive a deposit refund. If the move is canceled after the movers arrive, the customer is liable to pay for time spent by the mover from office to office.
  • For local moves, payment should be made before completing the job for booked hours and extra hours and other charges will be collected after completion of the job. For long-distance moves, 50 percent payment should be made at the time of pickup and the balance due should be made before delivery of goods. The scheduled time and date of the move may vary due to unavoidable circumstances with a customer notice.
  • The Unique Movers offers only a basic liability plan (Insurance). This means the Customer will be paid 60 cents per pound for the net weight of the lost or damaged item, regardless of the actual value of the items.
  • Payment can be made by e-transfer or credit card or cash.  The Unique Movers reserves the right to collect for services rendered one hour before the move is completed. The Unique Movers is obliged to take any legal action to collect any outstanding debt originating from this agreement. Customers will be full financial responsibility for any parking tickets issued while loading and unloading the vehicle when lawful parking alternatives are either unavailable or impractical.