Our Professional Piano Moving services ensure the relocation of your piano with unmatched care, attention, and professionalism. Renowned as one of the most dependable piano movers in Toronto, Pickering, and Montreal, our extensive experience sets us apart. Opting for Unique Movers means making the right decision, as your piano will be handled by seasoned professionals. Throughout the years, we've successfully moved pianos in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, earning a stellar reputation and a dedicated customer base. Notably, our services are available for same-day orders.

Whether your piano needs to be moved down the hall, down the street, or to an entirely different zip code, Unique Movers guarantees its delivery in the same pristine condition as we found it. Our movers execute the loading, transit, and unloading with meticulous care and precision, ensuring a journey free from scratches, bumps, and bruises.

  • Encountering steep stairs in your current apartment? We've mastered the art of maneuvering around them.
  • Concerned about sharp corners in your new home? Rest easy, as our protective materials prevent dents or scratches.
  • Managing multiple pianos that require simultaneous relocation? Count on us—we possess the necessary equipment and resources to efficiently handle the task.

Our Piano Moving Services

Let us tell you how our team moves a piano.

1. Transporting Upright and Apartment Pianos

When it comes to moving upright or apartment-sized pianos, our skilled piano movers employ a systematic approach. The piano is delicately lifted and positioned onto a piano skid, followed by wrapping it in protective blankets to prevent any damage to walls or entrances. To secure the blankets, we add a second layer of shrink wrap, and unique straps are used to fasten the instrument to the piano skid. The piano is then carefully placed on a dolly and smoothly rolled out the door by our dedicated piano-moving team. For situations involving stairs, a piano skid is strategically positioned on the stairwell and skillfully maneuvered up or down.

2. Relocating Baby Grand and Grand Pianos

Our seasoned piano movers take special care when relocating grand pianos. A piano skid, enveloped in moving blankets and covered with an additional layer, becomes the foundation for the grand piano. Before transport, our team disassembles the pedal box, piano lid, and legs, placing the piano on its side on the blanket-covered skid. Further protection involves wrapping the piano in a blanket and shrink-wrapping it to prevent any potential damage. Each disassembled component is meticulously covered before being loaded onto the moving truck.

Subsequently, the grand piano is expertly loaded onto a vehicle and transported to its final destination. The intricate process of moving a grand piano demands careful planning and professional execution, a commitment that Unique Movers pledges to its customers as a specialized piano moving company.

To avail of our piano moving services, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. For those with detailed specifications, we encourage you to complete our free quote form on the website. Kindly provide the current location of the piano and its size for an accurate estimate. We will promptly get in touch with you to delve into the particulars and swiftly furnish you with a complimentary quote.